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Review: Swizz Beatz - Poison

Release Date: Nov 2nd 2018 Label: EpicAlbum Link:
     I was not at all expecting to review this album, nor was I expecting to hear it. Swizz Beatz, though he is a legendary producer in modern Hip-Hop, is not known to release actual albums. He typically just works production and raps on others songs. The only other album he has ever released is 2007's One Man Band Man. I pretty much exclusively know him from his production work on 2000's Kanye albums and Rick Ross albums, and he is always recognizable in his production style, which is often very slick and varied; mixing new sounds and old soul samples. His voice is also distinct, husky and dark, he sounds more like an old man than he does a skinny 30-something.
Poison is his newest album, and is only 32 minutes long but Swizz says he had "70 songs ready for this album" and decided to cut it down to 10. Though he left the purported Kanye/Bono song, and a same-song showcase of Jay Z, Nas, DMX, and Jadakiss on the cutti…

Track or Treat: A Spooky Track Roundup

Well, one of the best months is over. Changing colours, a seasonal change in the air taking place, and Justine and I find ourselves back home in Canada. I'll be honest, the cooler weather is a welcome treat after the uncharacteristically hot London summer. We are happy to be home, and right in time for the best holidays. Which leads me into a special monthly Track Roundup.

     This month, I will be focusing on a number of tracks which have been around for a while, some for decades. All to honour the spirit of Halloween, these tracks have been selected due to their close association with some Horror movies, lyrical nature, or general Halloween nature they give off. You may recognize some if you are a fan of Horror movies, there should be something here for everyone who can appreciate the uniqueness of October.

Exhumed - Defenders Of The Grave(Death Revenge - 2017)

Kicking off this special Track Roundup is Exhumed, the likely longest running "Gore Metal" band. Though …