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The Shining: Book Vs. Film

     Over the years, and especially in the past several, Horror movies have had a resurgence in quality and atmosphere. Movies like The Witch, Black Swan, and most recently Hereditary have succeeded in creating and developing an atmosphere which is vital to the affect the movie can have on the viewer. In my opinion: these movies, though all great, owe a great deal to Stanley Kubrick's 1980 masterpiece The Shining. The Shining is the first "modern" Horror movie I can immediately think of in which the atmosphere is just as much of a character as any other member of the cast. It still stands as my favourite Horror movie, and one of my favourite movies.

     On the other side of the coin, we have to give credit where credit is undoubtedly due. Though I am very new to the work of Stephen King (I have only just recently read my first King book with Salem's Lot, and am quite literally hot off the heels of The Shining which I finished the day I decided to…

Seasonal Anime Report: Summer 2018

Well, I guess I can't deny it any longer. Summer is over, bringing another season of anime to an end. Evidently, I have been very busy over this summer (hence the lack of posts coming from me), but I did keep up with a decent amount of anime. That being said, there was a few that I missed out on and will need to check later. Regardless, here's a look at what I looked at this Summer 2018.
What I Watched Airing This Season Steins;Gate 0     This being the headline anime should come as no surprise to anyone who even remotely knows what my favorite series are. I am a huge Steins;Gate fan. I have played both the visual novels that the anime adapts multiple times, as well as rewatched the first Steins;Gate anime enough that I almost remember the exact numbers for each of the world lines. Heck, I even did an Okabe Rintarou cosplay at Fan Expo this year. So does that make my short review bias? Probably, but I did have very high expectations for Steins;Gate 0, considering the first…

Legacy Review: Opeth - Ghost Reveries

Release Date: August 29th, 2005Label: Roadrunner RecordsAlbum Playlist:      For the first post of October, I wanted to kick it off with a new kind of review that will pop up every now and then on the blog. A legacy review is for, well, an older album which I hold very dear. There are many, and I would love writing about why specific albums are important to me and the genre in which they're found.

     Naturally, I'm starting legacy reviews with my favourite album ever... Starting high, I know. Either way, I thought it would be fitting for this month in particular. I am aiming to make the blog posts this month more frequent and more topical, and believe me when I say this album IS an October album. Autumn is a season where I get sentimental and nostalgic for many things, I can't explain it but there are always bands and types of music I find myself listening to more in the Autumn months. Not to mention movies I watch in the month of October, but more on that in a future po…