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Track Roundup: September

This has been a busy month for both me and this blog, even during behind the scenes. I took a trip to France with my wife and my mother-in-law, which was really great and my first time there. Furthermore, Justine and I have been doing a lot of administrative "pre-planning" for our coming home in mid-October. We are both very excited and these past couple weeks have felt like when we were preparing to come to London in February. That is to say, it's been very exciting to be excited to come home if that makes sense. We've been living out of suitcases for the past 8 months and are simply ready to start building our home.

     In the case of the blog, I've been trying to post more than I did in August which I've already achieved and I am preparing for October. I love October and all the culture that comes along with it, so I've got multiple Halloween and Seasonal posts lined up and I've had a lot of fun thinking these up. I know I'll have even m…

Review: Thou - Magus

Release Date: August 31st Label: Sacred Bones RecordsAlbum Link:      To be honest, beside a few exceptions, I have had a lapse in interest in new Metal music in the last couple months. YOB sparked my interest when I reviewed it, and even that is more Rock oriented than my usual Metal listening habits. Not that I've actively turned away from it, in fact I've been going back to older Progressive Rock albums and also exploring different genres which I like, mainly Classical this past August. However I knew that I would have to listen to Thou's Magus when I included "The Changeling Prince" on the track roundup a couple months ago.

     Sludge Metal is named for it's production quality and pace usually, it's always very muddy and thick. Often listening to bands like Indian, Neurosis, and Electric Wizard will leave one feeling like they've walked through a very oppressive pool of molasses. Because I don't particularly enjoy this genre, I have never ex…

Review: Infernal Coil - Within A World Forgotten

Release Date: September 14th Label: Profound Lore RecordsAlbum Link:      There have been an abundance of critically acclaimed Death Metal albums released this year in 2018, the modern Death Metal renaissance is definitely in full swing on labels like 20 Buck Spin and Profound Lore but none of the albums have truly caught my attention like this one did. I first heard this band earlier this year through their 2014 debut demo and was instantly attracted. It was so simultaneously unpleasant and alluring. Infernal Coil have their own unique blend of Grindcore and Death Metal that sounds fit to be the soundtrack to an Apocalypse. Within A World Forgotten is the most unique and in my opinion, best, Death Metal album of 2018.

     The album starts unlike any other I've ever heard, I can't even describe it so I'll just link to the track... In short, this is not a friendly album. "Wounds Never Close"sets the stage for this 35 minute merciless barrage of shifting time sig…