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Best Albums of 2017

Best Albums of 2017

     This list is late. That much is certain, my aim to have this out a week after my last list was clearly too ambitious. But I DID get married, move out of my parent's house, move in with Justine and her roommates, back into my parent's house, then most recently move to England. So now that life is finally a bit settled down, I wanted to return to this.

     This is my best albums of 2017 list, like other lists it is entirely subjective and my own personal opinion. For every one, I have tried to link the full album in each heading, either on Bandcamp or on YouTube from the artist's or label's official page or channel. Enjoy!

P.S. I have provided a small curated playlist of my favourite tracks from all 10 of these albums in the left sidebar of this blog, accessible through Spotify.
HONORABLE MENTIONS: 10. The Necromancers - Servants of the Salem Girl 9. Loss - Horizonless 8. Paleowolf - Megafauna Rituals 7. Ryuichi Sakamoto - async 6. Lustre …