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Best EPs of 2017

Normally I don’t get exposed to too many EPs within a year, and if I did then it would be from a band I really respected or loved. If that were the case, and I really loved the EP then it might end up finding its way onto my “Best Albums” list. The length of an album is never an issue with me, as long as it is good.
            2017 surprised me a bit; I was exposed to a greater number of EPs that I not only liked, but found good enough that any one of them could compete with the Full-Length releases I loved this year. Some of these I liked as much as my #1 Album!
            I’ve learned a bit from my last list, having realized that putting my favourite thing in the list at the top kind of numbs the blow and makes going down the list rather pointless. So I am simply reversing it, descending numerically. Ok, let’s rate stuff.

6. Cult of Eibon – Lycan Twilight Sorcery
            As hard as I can try, I have never truly been a fan of traditional Black Metal. Lo fi blastbeats, tremolo p…

Best Songs of 2017

Over the last few years, this idea has always been developing in my head. Starting with a list of 10 albums which I liked but hadn't really delved into, haplessly posted in a Facebook status early on in December several years ago, to a slightly more thorough list the next year and so on and so forth. 
Every year the list and my process was honed, culminating in 2017 where I have decided to launch a sort of blog where I can review stuff throughout the year and using a blog format as a vehicle to share my thoughts on music, among other things.
I’ve decided to start with a list of songs, as opposed to albums. Cause everyone can relate to having songs within albums that they may not have liked as a whole. Another note is that, I will not have a strict numerical system; if I have a list of 3, 10, or 17 songs or albums which I found stood above the rest to me, then that will be it. These lists will be varied among genres, I can’t really describe why my musical tastes are the way they are …